Help My Journey!

Hello all, My name is Jenn Crow. I have started my Go Fund Me page to help save money for LPGA Qualifying School.

Qualifying school or Q-School, is a 3 month long process consisting of 3 qualifying stages. The first stage is in California, the second in Florida and the third in North Carolina. The entry fee for the first two stages cost $5500, if I qualify for stage three, the third stage is waived. However, this cost is for entry only and does not include room and board. If I can make it to the third stage in the top 44 golfers, I will receive my LPGA tour card.

I am asking for donations to help pay for the Q-School entry fee and additional costs such as room and board and air fare. Registration for Q-School starts in June of 2020 so I would like to try and save as much as I can before that date.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

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